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1959 Massimo Campigli German Lithograph. Printed in Germany on matte paper. Original vintage art print featuring the artists synonymous ancient Egyptian inspired art.


Size: 24”H x 16”W.


Condition: Excellent condition with some faint age spots. 


About the Artist - Massimo Campigli

Massimo Campigli (1895-1971) was an Italian painter and sculptor associated with the metaphysical art movement. Born in Florence, he initially pursued a career in literature before turning to art in the 1920s. Campigli gained prominence for his stylized, figurative paintings characterized by simplified forms and bold colors. Influenced by ancient and primitive art, as well as his interest in Etruscan and Egyptian civilizations, his works often featured timeless, enigmatic figures and symbolic motifs. Campigli was a key figure in the Italian Novecento movement, emphasizing a return to classical artistic values. Throughout his career, he exhibited internationally and achieved acclaim for his unique fusion of modern aesthetics with classical themes, contributing significantly to 20th-century Italian art.

1959 Massimo Campigli German Lithograph


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