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1970s Fletcher Benton Signed Foil Serigraph. Gorgeous 1972 original op art piece featuring a silver foil sphere overlaid with colorful geometric design. Signed and dated by the artist and part of limited series 91/100. Printed on thick matte paper.


Size: 29"W x 29"H.


Condition: Good condition with some minor edge creasing and some faint scuffs on the foiling from natural age. One miniscule tear on the bottom right which can be concealed when framing.


About the Artist - Fletcher Benton

Fletcher Benton (1931–2019) was an American sculptor and artist known for his innovative exploration of geometric abstraction and kinetic art. Emerging in the 1960s, Benton melded industrial materials and precision craftsmanship to create sculptures that play with form, space, and movement. He is celebrated for his series of "Folded Square" sculptures and intricate kinetic pieces that challenge viewers' perceptions. Throughout his career, Benton's work evolved, embracing digital technology and large-scale public installations. His contributions to the Op Art and Kinetic Art movements earned him international recognition and numerous awards. Benton's legacy continues to inspire the intersection of sculpture, technology, and visual perception in contemporary art.

1970s Fletcher Benton Signed Foil Serigraph

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