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1974 Jean Picart le Doux French Art Exhibition Lithograph. Printed in France. Published by Imp. Moderne du Lion, Paris. Rare and authentic original French print by a revered tapestry artist celebrating an event which was a homage to Michelet. 


Size: 23.7”H x 15.75”W.


Condition: Good condition with faint creases across artwork from natural age. Miniscule tear at the base, which is difficult to see and can be covered when framing. On the top rear side of the print the paper has thinned along the top, however not visible from the front side of the lithograph.


About the Artist - Jean Picart le Doux

Jean Picart le Doux (1902–1982) was a French painter and tapestry designer associated with the mid-20th-century revival of tapestry as a contemporary art form. Born in Paris, he studied at the École des Arts Décoratifs. Le Doux gained prominence for his contributions to the revival of the art of tapestry, blending modern artistic sensibilities with traditional craftsmanship. His work often featured bold, abstract designs and vibrant colors. Le Doux played a key role in the renaissance of the French tapestry industry after World War II, collaborating with the renowned Gobelins and Beauvais tapestry workshops. His artistic legacy is marked by a fusion of modernist aesthetics and a commitment to preserving and revitalizing traditional craftsmanship in the realm of tapestry.

1974 Jean Picart le Doux French Art Exhibition Lithograph


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