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1975 Fred Zeller Signed French Lithograph No 2. Printed in France on thick matte paper. Artist signed and part of limited series 108/125. Original 1970s vintage art print (lithograph) which features a figure abandoned in a baron land with small signs of civilization in the distance.


Note - Option to display both Fred Zeller Lithographs as a diptych side by side. See other listing for full details on additional Zeller Lithograph.


Size: 29.7”W x 21.1”H.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Fred Zeller

Frederick Victor Zeller (26 March 1912 – 7 February 2003) was a French painter, political activist, and influential figure within the Grand Orient de France (GODF). Born into a relatively wealthy family, he spent his formative years in Melun, engaging with artistic circles and nurturing his passion for painting. Zeller's political journey began in the interwar period when he joined various socialist groups, ultimately aligning himself with Trotskyism.


During World War II, Zeller actively participated in the French Resistance against the German occupation. Post-war, he continued his political involvement, joining the Internationalist Communist Party before contributing to the creation of the Revolutionary Democratic Rally. However, his increasing dedication to painting, particularly surrealism and symbolism, led him to withdraw gradually from political activism.


In 1953, Zeller received the Masonic Vanguard lodge of the Grand Orient of France, later serving as the Grand Master of GODF from 1971 to 1973. He also became a member of the Socialist Party in 1957 and played a role in bridging connections between the Grand Orient and the SFIO. Zeller's multifaceted life culminated in his passing on 7 February 2003 in Bergerac.


In recognition of his artistic contributions, a retrospective exhibition of Zeller's paintings was held at the Centre for Education and Research ENSAM in 2009. Additionally, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France inaugurated a plaque in 2012 at the Paris headquarters, commemorating Zeller as "the initiator of the externalization of the work of the Grand Orient of France."

1975 Fred Zeller Signed French Lithograph No 2


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