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1975 Yvon Taillandier French Art Exhibition Lithograph. Printed in France on matte paper. Original 1970s art print from art exhibition at Galerie Maitre Albert, Paris. Featuring the artworks of Yvon Taillandier (pictured), Pierre Raterron and Jean Depraz.


Size: 26.3”H x 18.9”W.


Condition: Excellent condition with one faint crease on the bottom right. 


About the Artist - Yvon Taillandier

Yvon Taillandier (1926-2018) was a French artist known for his distinctive contributions to the abstract art movement. Born in Paris, Taillandier began his artistic journey in the 1950s, exploring various styles including abstraction and geometric art. He gained recognition for his unique approach, often blending elements of gestural abstraction with geometric precision.


One of the notable aspects of Taillandier's career was his experimentation with unconventional materials. He incorporated diverse mediums such as sand, glass beads, and metal particles into his artworks, adding texture and depth. This innovative use of materials set him apart from his contemporaries.


Throughout his life, Taillandier exhibited extensively in France and internationally, earning acclaim for his avant-garde creations. His works are characterized by vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and a dynamic interplay between form and space. Yvon Taillandier's artistic legacy endures as a testament to his commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic expression, making a lasting impact on the world of abstract art.

1975 Yvon Taillandier French Art Exhibition Lithograph


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