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1976 Michel Guiré-Vaka French Art Exhibition Offset Lithograph. Printed in France on fine matte paper. Original art exhibition lithograph printed by Arts - Litho, Paris.


Size: 20.6”W x 23.1”H.


Condition: Excellent condition with a miniscule tear on bottom right which can be covered when framing. Faint edge creases from natural age.


About the Artist - Michel Guiré-Vaka

Michel Guiré-Vaka (1936-2015) was a French artist with a diverse and prolific career. After specializing in advertising at Collège Estienne from 1951 to 1955, he continued his education at the École supérieure des arts appliqués de Paris, preparing for the École normale supérieure entrance. Following military service during the Algerian War, he became a teacher in Roubaix in 1962, later moving to Paris in 1965. Transitioning from teaching to freelance work in 1970, he revolutionized advertising concepts for notable brands. Guiré-Vaka expanded into illustration, collaborating with magazines and publishing books for children. His creative prowess earned international recognition, notably in Japan. He ventured into the American market in 1981, achieving success and receiving the Certificate of Merit from the Society of Illustrators in New York in 1982. Throughout his career, Guiré-Vaka displayed versatility and a commitment to experimentation in his artistic pursuits.

1976 Michel Guiré-Vaka French Art Exhibition Lithograph

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