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1977 Max Papart Art Exhibition Print. Printed on fine matte paper. Original art exhibition print sourced in France. This print has ink running down the left length of the print and its unclear if this was intentional or is an original printing proof.


Size: 22.4”W x 30.3”H.


Condition: Excellent condition with a miniscule tear on middle right which can be covered when framing if desired.


About the Artist - Max Papart

Max Papart (1911-1994) was a French contemporary artist known for his contributions to the art movement of "collage." Born in Marseille, he initially studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Nice and later at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Papart's early career involved traditional painting and printmaking, but he gained recognition for his unique approach to collage, which became his signature style.


In the 1950s, Papart embraced a more abstract and geometric aesthetic, incorporating elements of Cubism and Surrealism into his work. His collages often featured fragmented forms, bold colors, and intricate compositions. He gained international acclaim for his innovative techniques and participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide.


Papart's artistic journey continued to evolve, incorporating influences from literature, music, and his travels. His work can be found in prominent collections and museums, solidifying his place as a notable figure in the world of contemporary art. Max Papart's legacy endures through his groundbreaking contributions to the realm of collage and his lasting impact on the modern art scene.

1977 Max Papart Art Exhibition Print


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