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1979 Felix Labisse French Print. Printed in France on thick satin paper. Published by Galerie Isy Brachot, Paris. Original vintage art print by famous surrealism artist.


Size: 27.6”H x 16.5”W.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Félix Labisse

Félix Labisse (1905–1982) was a Belgian Surrealist painter born in Marchiennes, Belgium. Known for his dreamlike and fantastical imagery, Labisse's work often explored the subconscious and the mysterious aspects of human existence. He began his artistic career as a decorator and later transitioned to painting, gaining recognition for his unique style within the Surrealist movement.


Labisse's art often featured whimsical and bizarre scenes, populated by strange creatures and symbolic elements. Notable works include "La Femme Cheval" (The Horse Woman) and "Le Chevalier de la nuit" (The Knight of the Night). He also dabbled in film, contributing to the production of the Surrealist film "L'Age d'Or" directed by Luis Buñuel.


Beyond his artistic endeavors, Labisse was known for his eccentric personality and love for unconventional fashion, often wearing extravagant clothing and eccentric accessories. His artistic contributions and eccentric lifestyle make Félix Labisse a distinctive figure in Surrealist art history.

1979 Felix Labisse French Print


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