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1994 Carl-Henning Pedersen French Art Exhibition Poster. Printed in France on matte paper. Published by Clot Bramsen. 


Size: 26”H x 18.1”W.


Condition: Excellent condition. 


About the Artist - Carl-Henning Pedersen

Carl-Henning Pedersen (1913-2007) was a Danish painter and a prominent figure in the CoBrA art movement (an acronym for Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam), which emerged in the late 1940s. He was known for his vibrant and imaginative abstract and semi-abstract works characterized by bold colors and whimsical, often childlike forms.


Pedersen's art often drew inspiration from mythology, folklore, and the natural world, creating a distinctive style that blended the figurative with the abstract. His playful use of color and shape conveyed a sense of joy and spontaneity.


Interestingly, Pedersen collaborated with his wife, Else Alfelt, also an artist, on numerous projects. Together, they created murals, sculptures, and even entire decorated homes and museums. 


Carl-Henning Pedersen's work is celebrated for its exuberance and contribution to the development of modern Danish art. His legacy lives on through his unique artistic vision and enduring influence on the CoBrA movement.

1994 Carl-Henning Pedersen French Art Exhibition Poster


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