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1970 Zoltan Kemeny French Art Exhibition Lithograph. Printed in France on matte paper. Original 1970s vintage art print by Arte Paris for Galerie Maeght, Paris. Featuring lavender typography with copper welded art by Zoltan Kemeny.


Size: 25.3”H x 18.1”W.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Zoltán Kemény

Zoltán Kemény (21 March 1907 – 14 June 1965) was a Hungarian sculptor born in Bănița, Austro-Hungarian Empire (present-day Romania). Notably, he was the sole Hungarian artist to receive a prize at the Venice Biennale. Kemény's artistic career unfolded in distinct phases, including 'Paintings' (1943-48), 'Relief-Collages' (1947-53), and 'Images in Relief' (1953-65). 


In this period, Kemény incorporated diverse materials such as plaster, woven canvas, scrim, rope, and braiding (bronze wire around a hemp core) onto low-density fiberboard. He employed a primitive technique, reminiscent of old raised embroidery, and punctured the surface to enhance the relief's texture. Known for introducing unconventional materials like sand, iron, buttons, and pearls into his art, Kemény transformed perceived 'garbage' into treasures. One of his notable works from this era is the plaster relief 'Cat,' featuring a feline mask with striking almond-shaped eyes and a menacing expression. Zoltán Kemény passed away in Zurich, Switzerland, at the age of 58.

1970 Zoltan Kemeny French Art Exhibition Lithograph

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