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1970s Evelyn B. Johnson Op Art Serigraph. Artist signed and numbered 4/130. Printed on thick heavy matte paper. Hypnotic and soothing seventies design. Print detailing is even more gorgeous in person.


Size: 30”W x 40”H.


Condition: Excellent condition with only minor signs of age.


About the Artist - Evelyn B. Johnson

Evelyn B. Johnson, a distinguished optical artist, crafted a remarkable legacy through her innovative exploration of visual perception. Her life was a journey of intricate patterns and illusions, as she masterfully manipulated shapes and colors to challenge the viewer's senses. Johnson's career was defined by her dedication to Op art, a movement she embraced with fervor. Through her mesmerizing creations, she transformed the art world by inviting audiences to question reality itself.

1970s Evelyn B. Johnson Op Art Serigraph

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