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1970s Jacques Robert Signed Foil Aquatint Etching. Printed on thick matte paper with silver foil detailing. Artist signed and part of limited series 10/50. Original vintage art print etching featuring a series of abstract figures, titled 'Personnages I'. Gorgeous aquatint embossed etching details, looks even better in person.


Size: 26”W x 19.5”H.


Condition: Excellent condition with some faint creases and removed staple mark top left, which can be covered when framing if desired.


About the Artist - Jacques Robert

Jacques A. Robert, born on April 5th, 1944, in Paris, is a distinguished figurative painter with a renowned presence in the online art market. Although he began experimenting with oil painting at the age of 14, it wasn't until he turned 30 that he took the leap of exhibiting his works publicly. Since then, Jacques Robert has garnered a prestigious reputation with numerous exhibitions and awards both in France and internationally.


The essence of Robert's artistic philosophy revolves around freedom and sincerity. Embracing the plein-air technique, he passionately breathes life into his art outdoors, emphasizing a connection with nature. This is notably evident in his vibrant interpretations of water, ranging from marine landscapes to depictions of Venice. Robert's approach is spontaneous, characterized by excessive gestures that harmonize with the interplay of material and color. His work is an embodiment of intense emotion, created and presented without calculation, offering viewers a visceral experience of his artistic expression.

1970s Jacques Robert Signed Foil Aquatint Etching

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