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1970s Pierre Lelong Signed French Lithograph. Printed in France on thick matte paper. Artist signed and part of limited series, 171/200.


Size: 29.7”W x 25.6”H.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Pierre Lelong

Pierre Emile Gabriel Lelong (1908-1984) was a French artist known for his contributions to the field of modern sculpture. He initially trained as an architect but transitioned to sculpture, becoming a prominent figure in the mid-20th century art scene. Lelong's work was influenced by abstract and biomorphic forms, and he was associated with the Surrealist movement. He was particularly skilled in creating organic and flowing shapes in his sculptures, often using materials like bronze and marble. Lelong's art showcased a harmonious blend of nature and abstract concepts, contributing to the evolution of contemporary sculpture. His innovative approach to form and materials left a lasting impact on the art world, making him a respected and celebrated artist of his time.

1970s Pierre Lelong Signed French Lithograph

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