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1970s Yannick Ballif-Swinnen Signed Aquatint Etching. Printed in France on thick matte paper. Artist signed and part of limited series 3/70. Original vintage art print of an abstract textured gold foil etching. Gorgeous intricate details in person. Similar sized aquatint etchings from the same artist can be found online for $500-900 each.


Size: 31.5”W x 24.6”H.


Condition: Excellent condition with some faint age spots around the edging from natural age.


About the Artist - Yannick Ballif-Swinnen

Yannick Ballif (1927-2009) was a French Postwar and Contemporary artist known for her contributions as a painter, pastellist, and engraver. Born as Mariannick Swinnen in Longwy, France, she displayed a fascination with color from a young age. Her works, often characterized by saturated colors in juxtaposition with white or black lines, were exhibited in prestigious galleries such as Galerie Bernier and Jacqueline de Champvallins.


Ballif collaborated with renowned printmakers Paul Collin and Johnny Friedlaender, refining her skills in draughtsmanship and intaglio techniques in copper. Inspired by Japanese drawings, her prints featured flora, water, and rocky outcrops, sometimes leaning towards abstraction while maintaining precise delineation. She also added dimensionality to her prints using embossing techniques, creating a vibrant presence in her artwork.


Despite her contributions to the art world, Ballif's work faced posthumous obscurity. Exhibiting in museums worldwide, including Edinburgh, Prague, Buenos Aires, and New York, her prints showcased a contemporary adaptation of Asian aesthetics, reflecting peace and quiet. Yannick Ballif left behind a rich artistic legacy, demonstrating mastery in printmaking and a unique exploration of color and form.

1970s Yannick Ballif-Swinnen Signed Aquatint Etching

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