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1973 Fritz Kothe German Art Exhibition Poster. Printed on matte paper. Original 1970s vintage art print featuring the artist's synonymous collage style featuring a female figure.


Size: 33”H x 23.5”W.


Condition: Good condition with a small faint water mark/stain bottom right.


About the Artist - Fritz Köthe

Fritz Köthe (1916–2005) was a prominent German painter and graphic artist associated with Pop Art and Photorealism. Born in Berlin, Köthe faced challenges during his artistic education due to his involvement with "degenerate art," earning poor grades. Influenced by Käthe Kollwitz and Otto Nagel, his early works depicted crouched and depressed figures. During World War II, he faced scrutiny for his art but avoided severe consequences.


In the post-war era, Köthe struggled with the pressure to adhere to Socialist Realism and moved to West Berlin. He later embraced his distinctive visual language, creating painted collages featuring motifs from advertising, developing a unique style he described as "lacquered banal surrealism." His works often juxtaposed elements like cars and girls, metal and flesh, expressing his aesthetic choices. Köthe's art evolved into Pop Art, but he resisted strict categorization.


He faced challenges in the Western art scene's preference for abstract art, eventually working as a graphic designer and creating shop window decorations. In the 1960s, inspired by Carl Laszlo, Köthe returned to painting, emphasizing vibrant compositions and meticulous technique.


In 1987, a documentary titled "Painting is Life – Fritz Köthe" was made about his work. Köthe continued working as a freelance artist until his death. Notably, he rejected the label of a Pop Art representative, emphasizing the importance of composition, careful painting, and aesthetic appeal in his works. He held solo exhibitions worldwide and participated in group exhibitions, contributing significantly to the German art scene.

1973 Fritz Kothe German Art Exhibition Poster

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