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1974 Danish Museum Art Exhibition Lithograph. Featuring the original artwork by Carl Henning Pedersen. Printed on matte paper.


Size: 23.5”H x 33”W.


Condition: Excellent condition with some minor edge creasing on the top right hand corner.


About the Artist - Carl Henning Pedersen

Artist Carl Henning Pedersen, 1913–2007, left an indelible mark with his vivid and imaginative creations. A prominent figure in Danish modernism, his career unfolded as a vivid tapestry of abstract and expressionist art. Embracing bold colors and organic forms, he ventured into various mediums, from painting to ceramics. Pedersen's work encapsulated a unique blend of folklore, spirituality, and modern aesthetics, making him a revered name in the global art scene.

1974 Danish Museum Art Exhibition Lithograph

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