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1975 Alberto Guzman French Art Exhibition Print. Printed in France on gloss paper. Original French vintage art print celebrating an exhibition of the artists sculptures. 


Size: 25.1”H x 18.8”W.


Condition: Good condition with some very faint smudges, scratches, finger prints and age spots which are barely visible.


About the Artist - Alberto Guzmán

Alberto Guzmán (1927–2022) was a distinguished Peruvian sculptor known as the "sculptor of light." Born in Talara, Peru, he honed his artistic skills from a young age, creating clay sculptures as toys. After working in welding for his father in Lima, he earned a scholarship to the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in 1949, showcasing his abstract iron sculptures in his 1953 debut exhibition. Guzmán received numerous accolades, including the André Malraux scholarship in 1959, the André Susse Young Sculptor Award in 1967, and the Antoine Bourdelle Award in 1971. Settling in Paris, he exhibited widely across Europe, with notable displays at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris and the Grand-Palais. His works adorn global collections and public spaces, including the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation and installations in Paris, Lima, Oslo, and Seoul. Alberto Guzmán's significant contributions to sculpture earned him international recognition and awards, leaving a lasting legacy in the art world.

1975 Alberto Guzman French Art Exhibition Print

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