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1975 Narendra Srivastava Signed French Lithograph. Printed in France on thick matte paper. Artist signed and part of limited series 191/195. Original 1970s vintage lithograph featuring a psychedelic 70s design and the Om symbol. With its roots in Hinduism, the Om symbol is said to represent the one-ness of all creation, including the heavens, earth, and underworld. Others say it is the representation of the three Hindu gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.


Size: 30”H x 22”W.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Narendra Srivastava

Narendra Srivastava aka "the symbol man", was born in 1931 and known as a distinguished French graphic designer, artist, and art educationist of Indian origin. His artistic journey began in the realm of applied arts, and he gained recognition for incorporating Devanagari script in his paintings, becoming one of the earliest artists to do so. Srivastava's innovative use of the Devanagari script, its forms, and typographical designs earned him international acclaim. Notably, he designed logos for the New Delhi Municipal Corporation, Asia 72, the Seventh Non-Aligned (NAM) Summit, and the iconic Pierre Cardin logo.


Srivastava's transformative sojourn in Paris, working with renowned artists like M. Paul Colin and Pierre Cardin, had a profound impact on his life and artistic outlook. His dedication to typography, especially Devanagari letters, led him to develop a new typeface and create a series of paintings showcasing the possibilities of using the script decoratively.


Apart from his graphic design achievements, Srivastava ventured into painting, discovering his creative talent during a UNESCO exhibition in 1970. Throughout his career, he worked on diverse projects, including book covers, illustrations, and the Jahr Teller for Rosenthal Ceramics.


A pivotal moment in Srivastava's career was designing the symbolic logo for the Seventh NAM Summit in 1983, emphasizing themes of peace, equality, and unity. He continued to contribute to the contemporary Indian art scene, witnessing its growth and asserting that individual artists from India would become significant global contributors.


Srivastava created art long into his eighties, expressing his artistic thoughts through Devanagari letters, illustrating a lifelong dedication to art and cultural innovation. He passed away in 2015.

1975 Narendra Srivastava Signed French Lithograph

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