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1975 Pierre Doutreleau Signed French Lithograph. Printed in France on thick matte paper. Artist signed and part of limited series 152/175. Original vintage lithograph featuring an abstract landscape through the perspective of a lens. Similar lithographs by the artists typically sell online for $750-$1,200 online.


Size: 21.2”H x 29.5”W.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Pierre Doutreleau

Pierre Doutreleau, born on June 14, 1938, in Arles, France, is an accomplished French painter known for his landscape paintings. Inspired by Nicolas de Staël, Doutreleau's work explores the dispersion of light and movement through thick, textural blocks of pigment. This distinctive style, initiated during his 1968 visit to the United States, features gradients of subtle color contrasted by central, often blurred, representational images. Doutreleau's artistic journey began at the age of 20 when he discovered Nicolas de Staël's work and received encouragement from friends to pursue painting.


In 1964, a contract with Lucile Manguin's gallery in Paris marked a significant step in his career. His artistic evolution in 1968, influenced by a trip to the United States, focused on themes of speed and movement, tackling both mobility and fixity. Initially painting motionless surfaces, Doutreleau later delved into cinema, television, and sports, aiming to capture life's essence through movement. His work reflects a blend of drama and pleasure, aspiring to evoke a sense of beauty, joy, and pain, ultimately serving as a call to travel and a celebration of the world and love. As of 2024, at the age of 86, Doutreleau continues to live and work in France.

1975 Pierre Doutreleau Signed French Lithograph

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