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1976 Michael Moon and John Latham English Art Exhibition Poster. Printed in England on fine paper. Original vintage art print from a joint exhibition of two prominent experimental artists in the 1970s at the Tate Gallery. 


Size: 30”H x 20”W.


Condition: Good condition with faint creases all across the print from natural age.


About the Artist - Michael Moon Part 1/2

Mick Moon, born in 1937 in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a British artist and printmaker. He studied at Chelsea School of Art from 1958 to 1962 and at the Royal College of Art from 1962 to 1963. Moon served as a Senior Lecturer at the Slade School of Fine Art in London from 1973 to 1990 and was Artist in Residence at the Prahran School of Art and Design in Melbourne in 1982.


His artistic career includes solo exhibitions at Waddington Galleries in London starting in 1969 and continuing throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Moon has exhibited internationally, with shows in the UK, the USA, and Australia, including prestigious venues like the Tate Gallery in London (1976) and the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham (1980). Notable awards include a Major Arts Council Award in 1980 and the Gulbenkian Print Award in 1984. Moon became a Royal Academician in 1994. His preferred media include printmaking and painting, and he continues to live and work in London.


About the Artist - John Latham Part 2/2

John Latham (1921–2006) was a British conceptual artist and writer known for his pioneering contributions to conceptual art and his unorthodox approach to artistic practice. Born on February 23, 1921, in Livingstone, Zambia, Latham studied painting and sculpture at Chelsea College of Arts and later at the University of Oxford.


Latham's work often challenged traditional notions of art, incorporating elements of science, philosophy, and literature. He co-founded the Artist Placement Group, advocating for artists to work in industry and government, influencing social change. Notable works include his "One Second Drawings" and the "Skoob Towers" made from pulped books.


Throughout his career, Latham faced controversy, such as his infamous "Art and Culture" event in 1966, where he chewed and then returned a copy of Clement Greenberg's art theory book. His ideas influenced the development of conceptual art and had a lasting impact on subsequent generations of artists. Latham's interdisciplinary and boundary-pushing work continues to be recognized for its innovative nature and critical engagement with the nature of art and the universe.

1976 Michael Moon and John Latham English Art Exhibition Poster

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