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1976 Naum Gabo English Art Exhibition Poster. Printed in England on thick satin paper. Original vintage art print featuring Gabo's sculpture 'Head No.2'.


Size: 20”W x 30”H.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Naum Gabo

Naum Gabo (1890–1977) was a prominent Russian sculptor associated with the Constructivist movement. Born Naum Neemia Pevsner in Russia, he adopted the name Gabo to distinguish himself from his brother, fellow artist Antoine Pevsner. Gabo played a key role in the development of geometric abstract art.


He studied medicine and engineering before turning to art. Gabo's early works, influenced by Cubism and Futurism, evolved into abstract geometric sculptures. A proponent of kinetic art, he incorporated movement and transparency into his creations, utilizing materials like glass and plastic.


Gabo was a leading figure in the Russian avant-garde, co-founding the Realistic Manifesto in 1920 with his brother. Due to political tensions in Russia, he later settled in Germany and then in England, where he became a British citizen in 1946. His influence extended to teaching at the Bauhaus and collaborating with artists like Piet Mondrian.

1976 Naum Gabo English Art Exhibition Poster

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