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1977 Fabian Sanchez French Art Exhibition Poster. Printed in France on thick gold paper using the technique of zincography (zinc plates on paper). Original French vintage art print celebrating an exhibition of the artists work at Le Point Cardinal, Paris. 


Size: 16.3”W x 26.2”H.


Condition: Good condition with some scratches and creasing to the paper from natural age.


About the Artist - Fabian Sanchez

Fabian Sanchez (1935–2020) was a Peruvian sculptor known for his innovative work in "escultura mecanica" or mechanical sculpture. He lived in Paris and gained recognition for his surreal creations crafted from sewing machine parts. Sanchez first presented his metal sculptures and montages at the 6th Paris Biennial, showcasing strange beings that constituted a "sculpture of poverty," marking a defining and inventive moment in Latin American art. His art is characterized by the use of machine parts to construct unique and imaginative forms.


Sanchez's contribution to the art world reflects a fusion of creativity and resourcefulness. His sculptures, often described as surreal, embody a symbolic representation of life and artistry emerging from unconventional materials. The artist's legacy persists in the realm of Latin American art, particularly through his pioneering approach to sculpture using found objects and machine parts. Fabian Sanchez passed away in 2020, leaving behind a legacy of distinctive and thought-provoking artistic expression.

1977 Fabian Sanchez French Art Exhibition Poster

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