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1979 Herve Telemaque French Art Exhibition Print. Printed in France on matte paper for Galerie Maeght.


Size: 28.5”H x 20.5”W.


Condition: Excellent condition with some faint creases.


About the Artist - Hervé Télémaque

Hervé Télémaque (1937-2021) was a Haitian-French artist known for his significant contributions to the world of contemporary art. Born in Haiti, he later moved to Paris, where he became associated with the Surrealist and Pop art movements. Télémaque's work often blended elements of both, incorporating vivid colors, collages, and symbolic imagery.


One of his notable series was the "Flesh and Flag" series, which explored themes of identity, culture, and politics, especially in the context of the African diaspora. This series showcased his interest in juxtaposing different visual elements to create thought-provoking and dynamic compositions.


Télémaque's art was deeply influenced by his experiences as an immigrant and his fascination with the complexities of identity. He exhibited his work internationally and gained recognition for his unique style and exploration of cultural and social themes. His impact on the art world continues to be celebrated, making him an important figure in contemporary art history. Télémaque passed away in 2021, leaving behind a rich legacy of artistic innovation.

1979 Herve Telemaque French Art Exhibition Print

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