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1979 Dado French Art Exhibition Print. Printed in France on satin paper. Original French vintage art print featuring the 'Hotel Adams' work of the artist.


Size: 29.6”H x 17.7”W.


Condition: Good condition with faint edge creases on the top left.


About the Artist - Dado

Dado, born Miodrag Đurić on October 4, 1933, in Montenegro, was a prominent Yugoslav and French surrealist artist. He began his artistic journey as a self-taught painter before moving to Paris in the late 1950s. Dado gained recognition for his distinctive and imaginative style, blending elements of surrealism with intricate, detailed compositions.


In the 1960s, Dado became associated with the Surrealist movement and participated in various international exhibitions. His works often featured nightmarish and fantastical scenes, characterized by intricate, symbolic details and dark undertones. Dado's art drew inspiration from literature, mythology, and the human psyche, exploring themes of existentialism and the subconscious.


Throughout his career, Dado exhibited extensively in Europe and the United States, earning acclaim for his unique contributions to the surrealist genre. He continued to evolve artistically until his passing on November 27, 2010, leaving behind a legacy of compelling and enigmatic artworks that invite viewers into the depths of his imaginative world.

1979 Dado French Art Exhibition Print

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