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1979 R.C. Gorman Art Exhibition Print. Printed on matte paper. Original vintage art print from an art exhibition of Gorman's work at Suzanne Brown Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona. 


Size: 22”H x 25.5”W.


Condition: Excellent condition with some faint creases. 


About the Artist - R.C. Gorman

R.C. Gorman (1931-2005) was a prominent American Navajo artist renowned for his contributions to Native American art. Born in Chinle, Arizona, Gorman's early exposure to Navajo traditions and artistry profoundly influenced his work. He gained international acclaim for his unique style, primarily focusing on Native American women as subjects in vibrant and sensual depictions.


Breaking traditional barriers, Gorman's art often featured contemporary and abstract elements, blending Native American themes with modern aesthetics. His bold use of color, fluid lines, and emphasis on female forms set him apart in the art world. Notably, he challenged stereotypes associated with Native American art, showcasing its diversity.


Gorman's success was not without challenges; he faced criticism from some traditionalists within his community for his departure from conventional Navajo art. Despite this, he became a leading figure in the Native American art scene, with his works displayed in prestigious museums worldwide. His impact extended beyond art, as he actively supported Native American education and community development. R.C. Gorman's legacy endures as a trailblazer who bridged tradition and innovation in Native American art.

1979 R.C. Gorman Art Exhibition Print

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