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1980s Michael Cobb Extra Large Signed Etching. Printed on thick matte paper with rich textured and embossed details across a neutral palette. Titled 'Sonata', artist signed and part of limited series 40/200. 


Size: 48.5”H x 29.5”W.

Note - etching is extremely large in size, rare to find in this format.


Condition: Excellent condition with a couple of fine line creases.


About the Artist - Michael Cobb

Michael Cobb is an artist celebrated for his mastery of the silkscreen technique, transforming it into a versatile and expressive tool. His Treasure Suite Series exemplifies his intricate process, commencing with hand-made French paper embossed through a press. Following drying, Cobb employs the silkscreen press for multiple color runs, often incorporating metallic hues. After additional embossing, he meticulously applies gold leaf and watercolor, a labor-intensive process spanning days.


Cobb's artistic journey began in the late 60s under the tutelage of John Ringen and continued with printmaking studies under Max Hayslette in the early 70s. Graduating from the Cornish School of Allied Arts in 1974, Cobb initially practiced interior design before focusing on art. Joining Olympus Atelier in 1978 marked a pivotal moment in his career, leading to the publication of his first edition.


Drawing inspiration from European travels, particularly Italy, Cobb's artistic finesse lies in harmonizing colors, shapes, and gestures. His works adorn numerous private, corporate, and public collections, including IBM Corporation, AT&T, Bank of Hawaii, and Xerox Corp. Cobb's dedication to his craft and meticulous process underscores the depth and richness of his artistic contributions.

1980s Michael Cobb Extra Large Signed Etching

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