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1981 Beck and Jung Swedish Art Exhibition Lithograph. Printed in Sweden on thick matte paper. Original 1980s vintage art print featuring computer graphic design.


Size: 24.2"H x 33.6"W. 


Condition: Fair condition with four faint tape residue marks and some light creasing. Price adjusted for condition.


About the Artist - Beck and Jung

Beck and Jung was the Swedish artist duo Holger Backstrom (1939-1997) and Bo Ljungberg (1939-2007). Beck and Jung is known among other things for the artwork Hello patient at the entrance to Huddinge Hospital and the mass produced ashtray Ultima with grids in checkered profile, which existed in many public buildings. Most famous are the variations of the three-dimensional grid in rainbow colors, which they designed as a test print for an early inkjet printers. These images (color cubes) were also sold as paintings. Beck and Jung's first solo exhibition was at Lunds Konsthall 1967. The duo had already in 1966 started using the mainframe as an artistic medium. Image print options were limited at this time and the artists were forced to use radskrivarens default font to form the first primitive images. Despite technical difficulties and skepticism from colleagues and critics' side, they saw the great potential extension of the graphical image. During the 1970 - and 1980's, they worked mainly up images of Lund University computer center. The black and white images, they then took out was printed with stylus printers or pen plotter. From 1973 worked Beck and Jung mainly with pictures in color, and the same year they showed their first computer-generated color images of Youth Biennale in Paris. Color graphics series Chromo Cube, Tebtunis, Dragon and Dendra are all produced using the Lund University data center inkjet, "The Color Ink Jet Plotter". The process is described in detail in the duo's book Chromo Cube from 1980. Data images are usually presented in the form of prints, such as lithographs or serigraphs, but they have also been used by artists as sketches for easel pictures and larger embellishments. In the studio in Lund had Beck and Jung Macs and a Canon CLC 800 color laser printer that could print directly on acid-free paper graphics. When artists reviewed and approved the photos, numbered and signed the limited edition. Color laser images from the series Shoowa, Mini Flag, Color operator, Signal and Dendrabanan are produced in this way. Beck & Jung painting and experiment with computer-generated images was recognized around the world, especially in the U.S. where they have had a dozen solo exhibitions. They have over the years also performed monumental decorations in Sweden and abroad. During the early 1970s, was designed also ashtray Ultima from bildalfabetets foundations. This sold over a million copies [citation needed]. In autumn 1996, they performed an extensive ornamentation of Studentlitteratur Education Center in Lund. They also, on behalf of the Courts Administration, stood for the artistic decoration of the court premises on Klippans District Court. In 1996, they participated in several group exhibitions and had solo exhibitions at Galerie including Edward in Trelleborg. During the spring of 1997, they had a solo exhibition at Gallery Rackargården in Kalmar. During the summer, they showed a suite of new data generated images at International Poster Triennal '97 in Cracow in Poland and last show together was "Computer Arts" which was shown at the Museum der Stadt Gladbeck in Germany. In conjunction with the exhibition "Beck & Jung-Data Arts Pioneers" was published in 2009 the book with cheerful greetings - Beck and Jung. 

1981 Beck and Jung Swedish Art Exhibition Lithograph

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