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1981 Jan Roy XL French Serigraph. Printed in France, screenprinted on thick matte paper. Original vintage art print for Graphique De France, Paris and New York. This screenprint depicts the silhouette of a cat resting on top of a piano with a fern in the background.


Size: 24”W x 33.7”H.


Condition: Good condition edge creasing on the top right and crease marking across the print including through the center (visible on black paino). Two miniscule tears on the right side, which are barely visible but can be covered when framing is desired. Thumb size indenting bottom right from staples pressed against in while stored for the last few decades. Price adjusted for condition.


About the Artist - Jan Roy

Jan V. Roy, born in Newburyport, MA, in 1951, embarked on her artistic journey as a silkscreen artist in 1979. Her career began with a notable commission from the Portland Symphony Orchestra, leading to over 40 poster designs for cultural organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, The New England Conservatory, and the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. Among her successes was the Brooklyn Bridge Centennial poster, which garnered attention and led to solo exhibitions in Rome, Italy, and Paris, France.


In 1999, Roy shifted her focus to painting, transitioning from pastels to acrylics and oil. Her work, described as contemporary impressionism, reflects a unique style marked by deft and muscular paint handling. She predominantly works in oil, and her paintings often feature a combination of surface abstraction and rich landscapes.


Throughout her career, Roy has participated in numerous exhibitions globally, including shows in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Her accolades include awards from The Newburyport Art Association and recognition in prestigious collections such as the Boston Public Library.


Roy's art is characterized by erudition, elegance, and a fusion of contemporary reality with timeless echoes, capturing the essence of the human body and movement. Her impressive career includes accolades, solo exhibitions, and a transition from silk-screen artistry to vibrant, expressive paintings.

1981 Jan Roy XL French Serigraph

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