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1981 Paul Uwe Dreyer German Art Exhibition Lithograph. Printed in France on satin paper. Original 1980s vintage art print for an art exhibition at Kunstmuseum, Hanover, Germany.


Size: 23.5ʺW x 33ʺH.


Condition: Excellent condition with very faint age spots along the top. 


About the Artist - Paul Uwe Dreyer

Paul Uwe Dreyer (1939-2008) was a German Postwar & Contemporary artist known for his contributions to geometric constructive art. Born in Osnabrück, Dreyer taught painting as a professor at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart for over three decades. His work, often characterized by a geometric and constructive style, reflects his exploration of organizing principles and their potential for variation.


Dreyer's compositions demonstrate a dynamic yet nonhierarchical dialogue between colors, surfaces, and lines. From the 1960s onward, he created pairs and series of pictures, showcasing his consistent evolution of motifs. His art ranged from architectural and figural elements to symbols, icons, and complex penetrations of spaces. Dreyer's influence extended to key galleries and museums, including the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.

1981 Paul Uwe Dreyer German Art Exhibition Lithograph

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