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1981 Ray Elman XL Signed Serigraph. Titled, 'All's Well That Ends Well'. Printed on thick matte paper. Artist signed and part of a limited series 40/160. Original 1980s vintage screenprint featuring a bold and graphic abstract design with collaged written-word clippings and poetry. Currently listed online for $740-$1,250.


Size: 32”W x 28”H. 


Condition: Good condition with multiple tears around the edging and outside parimeter, all of which can be covered with mating when framing.


About the Artist - Ray Elman

Ray Elman is an artist deeply ingrained in the Provincetown art scene since his arrival in 1970 at the age of 25. He co-founded the renowned Provincetown Arts magazine and has actively contributed to various artistic and cultural endeavors, including serving as a Trustee and Officer of the Provincetown Art Association & Museum. Elman's artistic journey began with abstract collage art, but in 1989, he shifted his focus to capturing the leisurely moments of the Provincetown art community through paintings. His series portrays notable figures engaged in everyday activities, providing a unique documentation of life in the vibrant art colony. With over 160 paintings in the series, Elman continues to contribute to the artistic legacy of Provincetown, showcasing its Mediterranean light and fostering camaraderie among its creative inhabitants.

1981 Ray Elman XL Signed Serigraph

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