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1985 Jan Voss French Art Exhibition Print. Printed in France for Galerie Maeght on matte paper. Featuring the artists signature abstract and graphic art with pops of rich colors blended with a backdrop of black and white for contrast. 


Size: 26.75”H x 19”W.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Jan Voss

Jan Voss is a Dutch-born artist known for his contributions to contemporary art, particularly in the field of painting and sculpture. Born in 1936 in Amsterdam, Voss studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. His early work was influenced by abstract expressionism, but he later developed a distinctive style characterized by whimsical and surreal imagery.


Voss's art often features dreamlike landscapes inhabited by strange creatures and playful forms. He has exhibited his work internationally and gained recognition for his unique blend of humor and fantasy. In addition to painting and sculpture, Voss has also ventured into ceramics and printmaking.


One interesting aspect of Voss's life is his nomadic existence. He has lived and worked in various countries, including France, Spain, and the United States, which has influenced the diversity and evolution of his artistic style. Jan Voss's art continues to captivate audiences with its surreal charm and imaginative storytelling.

1985 Jan Voss French Art Exhibition Print

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