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1986 Jean-Pierre Bertrand French Art Exhibition Poster. Printed in France on satin paper. Original vintage print featuring Bertand's original color-blocking minimalism artwork. Promoting a 1980s art exhibition of the artists work at Galerie de France, Paris. 


Size: 19.6”H x 23.6”W.


Condition: Good condition with a faint smear of residue and marking along the top, which could be covered when framing if desired.


About the Artist - Jean-Pierre Bertrand

Jean-Pierre Bertrand (1937–2016), a French artist, gained recognition with his first major show in Paris in 1971. Despite being less known in the American art scene, his work significantly contributed to contemporary art. Bertrand's artistic identity is marked by a unique blend of formalism and a deep inner necessity.


His works involve the juxtaposition of various physical elements. These include honey, salt, lemon juice, recycled paper, Plexiglas, window glass, acrylic pigments, metals, photo-grams and more.


Bertrand's art disrupts traditional exhibition spaces, manifesting as open holes on walls—tunnels bringing inner space to the infinite movement of the universe. His works suspend space, acting as moments that disclose possible openings to the world. Over the last decade, he took positions presenting a profound questioning of the relevance of the real through a shift in perspective focused on the infinite.

1986 Jean-Pierre Bertrand French Art Exhibition Poster

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