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1986 Rolf Rafflewski French Signed Lithograph. Printed in France on thick matte paper. Artist signed and part of limited series artist proof. Titled 'Le bassin aux Nymphes a Giverny' (aka water lily pond). Original vintage art print lithograph.


Size: 21.9”W x 29.2”H.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Rolf Rafflewski

Rolf Rafflewski, born in Hanau am Main, Germany, in 1943, is a prominent German artist known for his cityscapes and nature scenes. He embarked on his artistic journey at the age of 12, holding his first solo exhibition at just 16. After studying art at the Staatliche Zeichenakademie in 1961, he moved to Paris, where the city's architecture and lush landscapes became major inspirations for his work. Rafflewski's paintings showcase his virtuosity and spontaneous freshness, particularly evident in his drawings and paintings in Montmartre.


Over the span of more than twenty years, Rafflewski has exhibited his art globally, with shows in cities such as San Francisco, Washington, Paris, New York, and Tokyo. His extensive body of work includes over one hundred limited-edition lithographs. In 1973, the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris honored him with a solo exhibition featuring his light and ethereal paintings.


Rafflewski, of Polish ancestry, has a distinctive color palette characterized by rich, light hues. His artwork often features clear ponds, blooming flowers, and wispy tree branches. His creative journey began with an apprenticeship in Graphic Arts and advertising, followed by formal art education. His exhibitions at prestigious venues, including the French Bibliotheque Nationale, showcase his significant contributions to the art world.

1986 Rolf Rafflewski French Signed Lithograph

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