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1988 Maurice Verdier French Art Exhibition Poster. Printed in France on satin paper. Original 1980s vintage art print featuring an illustration of a tree by the artist for Art Expo 1988.


Size: 24.4”H x 15.75”W.


Condition: Good condition with a small tear on the middle left edge. Also various light creasing and fingerprints from natural age and handling. Price adjusted for condition.


About the Artist - Maurice Verdier

Maurice Verdier (1919–2003), a French painter born in Paris, demonstrated a complex artistic journey marked by a profound exploration of formal elements. His paintings, characterized by passionate obviousness and expressive colorism, evolved over time without abrupt shifts, reflecting a maturity of the artist's own growth. Verdier's work, influenced by a variety of sources including Paolo Ucello and Vincent Van Gogh, transcends mere imitation, incorporating a symbolic depth reminiscent of Paul Gauguin.


Throughout his career, Verdier's subjects ranged from landscapes and still lifes to tender portrayals of figures and clown-like children, all permeated by a persistent sense of melancholy and, at times, tragedy. He emphasized purity in his artistic process, valuing probity, honesty, and sincerity. Verdier's palette matured, embracing a more sensual and direct approach to painting. Despite accolades such as the First Fénéon Prize in 1950 and the Knight of Arts and Letters in 1958, Verdier remained committed to continuous artistic evolution, emphasizing the importance of avoiding stagnation and remaining true to oneself. His dedication to meticulous craftsmanship, sincerity, and the pursuit of light and beauty characterized his rich artistic legacy.

1988 Maurice Verdier French Art Exhibition Poster

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