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1989 Niki De Saint Phalle French Art Exhibition Poster. Printed on satin paper. Original promotional art exhibition poster from the 1989.


Size: 24.75”H x 17”W.


Condition: Excellent condition with some faint creases from natural age.


About the Artist - Niki de Saint Phalle

Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002) was a French-American artist known for her diverse and innovative work. She began as a model and actress but transitioned to art, gaining recognition for her distinctive "Nanas" sculptures of voluptuous women. Her art often featured bright colors and unconventional materials, like mosaic and found objects.


Saint Phalle's most famous work is the Tarot Garden in Tuscany, Italy, a monumental sculpture park inspired by tarot cards. She also collaborated with Swiss artist Jean Tinguely on various kinetic sculptures. Her art frequently addressed themes of feminism, social issues, and her own struggles with mental health.


An interesting fact is that Saint Phalle once shot at her own artworks with a rifle, a performance called "Shooting Paintings." This act marked her break from traditional art methods and her embrace of unconventional and expressive techniques, making her a key figure in the feminist art movement.

1989 Niki De Saint Phalle French Art Exhibition Poster

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