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1990s Raoul Ubac French Art Exhibition Print. Printed in France by Mourlot for Galerie Maeght. 1990s reprint of an original 1950s print design, officially licensed by the Galerie Maeght and Raoul Ubac's estate. 


Size: 26”H x 20”W.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Raoul Ubac

Raoul Ubac (1910-1985) was a Belgian-French artist known for his contributions to Surrealism and experimental photography. Born in Belgium, he later moved to France. Ubac initially explored painting and sculpture but gained prominence for his photography, particularly his abstract and poetic images of natural forms and everyday objects.


Ubac was associated with Surrealist luminaries like André Breton and René Magritte. He experimented with various photographic techniques, including solarization, which involved briefly exposing the negative to light during development, resulting in unique and dreamlike effects. His work blurred the boundaries between reality and imagination, reflecting the Surrealist ethos.


An interesting fact about Ubac is his collaboration with renowned poets and writers of his time, including Paul Éluard and André Frénaud, which produced illustrated books that combined visual art and literature. His versatile and innovative approach to art left a lasting impact on Surrealism and photography.

1990s Raoul Ubac French Art Exhibition Print

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