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1993 Jacques de Feline French Art Exhibition Poster. Printed in France on gloss paper. Original 1970s vintage art print by Imp des Ecureuils for Galerie Michel D, Paris.


Size: 24.75”H x 13.8”W.


Condition: Good condition w/ small tear on the bottom left and various faint creases from natural age.


About the Artist - Jacques de Feline

Jacques de Feline (1928–1999) was a French artist born in Paris. Although he aspired to study at the Beaux-Arts from a young age, it wasn't until later in life, after marriage and relocating to the provinces, that he could fully explore his talent as a painter. Described as a self-taught "painter of emotion," de Feline engaged in a multifaceted artistic career, working with painting, ink, and pottery. He was known for his straightforwardness, finely tuned humor, and exhibited prolifically in France and Switzerland, with his works finding places in numerous private collections.


Throughout his life, de Feline delved into the world of detail, producing art that was tumultuous, explosive, non-figurative yet not entirely abstract. Triggered by texts, poems, music, or events, he channeled his emotions onto the canvas. His approach was an internal perspective, a feverish expression that needed to be experienced fully. Jacques de Feline passed away in 1999 in Murianette, near Grenoble, leaving behind a body of work that resonates with emotional intensity, inviting a profound connection with viewers.

1993 Jacques de Feline French Art Exhibition Poster

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