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2000s Michel Saloff-Coste Signed French Lithograph Pt 1. Printed on thick matte paper. Hand signed by artist and part of limited edition 22/250. Original 2000s art print lithograph featuring vibrant and bold abstract modern design.


Note - Lithograph can be applied as a diptych alongside an alternate design by the same artist. Available separately on the site.


Size: 24.6”W x 31.5”H.


Condition: Excellent condition.


About the Artist - Michel Saloff-Coste

Michel Saloff-Coste, born in 1955 in Paris, is a French artist, philosopher, and futurist known for his multidisciplinary approach. He studied at the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) in Paris and later attended the École nationale d'administration (ENA). Initially pursuing a career in business, Saloff-Coste shifted his focus to art and philosophy.


Renowned for his work in visual arts, Saloff-Coste incorporates elements of technology, futurism, and philosophy into his creations. He gained recognition for developing a visual language called "art of encounter," combining symbols, diagrams, and metaphors to convey complex ideas. His innovative approach often explores the intersection of technology and humanity.


Beyond his artistic endeavors, Saloff-Coste has been involved in various projects related to the future of society, technology, and education. He has lectured at institutions worldwide, sharing his insights on the evolution of human consciousness and the impact of technology on society. Saloff-Coste's diverse contributions span art, philosophy, and futurism, reflecting his commitment to exploring the intersection of creativity, thought, and the future.

2000s Michel Saloff-Coste Signed French Lithograph Pt 1

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